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  1. (2019apr9) Wearable Device Scrubs Cancer Cells from Blood - When blood drawn from a vein is pumped through the device, it captures tumor cells and then pumps the blood back into the body. In tests performed on dogs with cancer, Nagrath's device filtered about 1 to 2 percent of the animals' entire blood volume in about two hours. In the current prototype, tested on dogs, blood is filtered through graphene oxide nanosheets equipped with antibodies that bind to the surface of cancer cells. The system also continually injects a drug called Heparin to prevent blood from clotting while in the device. Finally, the blood-minus the cancer cells that are stuck to the nanosheets like flies on flypaper-is pumped back into the body. The device contains an on-board power source and microcontroller that communicates wirelessly.
  2. (2019mar21) The Ultimate in Personalized Medicine: Your Body on a Chip - A small biochip version of you, contains systems with multiple organoids - systems with a miniature heart, a diminutive liver, even a basic brain. Many of these are 3D printed and all are connected by a circulatory system of microfluidic pumps and channels. These are called micro cell culture analogs (microCCAs) or microphysiological systems and can be created by three-dimensional bioprinting or photolithography. The small biochip resembling a miniature you, can be tested with different drugs to see which one would result in the best outcome, before doing it on the real you.

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